Curriculum Vitae



Uppsala University, Sweden Astronomy Ph.D., 2009
Uppsala University, Sweden Astronomy Ph.Lic., 2007
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Astronomy B.Sc., 2003

Relevant Employment

Aug 2015 - Tenure-track professor California State University, Northridge

Dec 2015 - Jan 2016JSPS fellow Nagoya University, Japan

Dec 2011 - Fev 2015Sagan fellow Caltech-JPL, Pasadena CA

Nov 2009 - Dec 2011Postdoctoral researcher AMNH, New York NY

Apr 2009 - Oct 2009Research assistant MPIA, Heidelberg, Germany

Oct 2004 - Mar 2009Graduate researcher Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden

Jul 2003 - Jul 2004Research assistant CTIO, La Serena, Chile

ESO, Garching, Germany

Lisbon Observatory, Lisbon, Portugal

Jun 2002 - Aug 2002Summer research intern STScI, Baltimore MD, USA

Apr 2000 - Jun 2003Undergraduate researcher Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Honors and Awards


Selected awards

NASA Exoplanet Science Institute Sagan fellowship ($309k) 2011

Major grants as PI

NASA Exoplanets Research Program - XRP ($250k) 2016
Space Telescope Science Institute Hubble Cycle 24 ($134k) 2016
National Science Foundation NSF - AAG ($461k) 2010

Computer allocation

XSEDE800k CPU hours (equiv $30k) 2016
Teragrid600k CPU hours (equiv $22k) 2013

Other grants

California State University Probationary Faculty Support Program
American Museum of Natural HistoryKalbfleisch postdoctoral fellowship 2009
European Science Foundation Grant for organizing Pencil Code meeting
(€ 5000)
German Science Foundation Grant for organizing Pencil Code meeting
(€ 5000)
Uppsala University Travel fund from Håkansson foundation
(10 000 SEK)
Travel fund from Liljwalchs foundation
(10 000 SEK)
Grant from Anna & Allan Löfbergs foundation 2004-2006
Brazilian Research Council Undergraduate research grant 2000-2003


Visiting Fellow of the Japanese Society for the Progress of Science (JSPS)
USA O-1 visa: alien of extraordinary ability.


California State University Outstanding Faculty Award 2017
American Museum of Natural History Blavatnik Award 2010
Federal University of Rio de JaneiroAcademic Distinction of 20042004
Best Senior Thesis 2003

Experience as supervisor

  • As faculty
    • M.Sc. students: Alexandra Yep, Amanda Rowen, Vincent Carpenter, Leonardo Sattler.
    • Undergraduates: Sean Snyder, Carlos Chichiri, Areli Castrejon, Joshua Shevchuk, John Rincon.
    • High-school interns: Blake Hord.
  • As a postdoc
    • Ph.D. students co-advised to publication: Alexander Richert, Brandon Horn, Natalie Raettig.
    • Undergraduate theses co-advised to completion: Leonardo Sattler, Joseph Cullen, Heidar Thrastarson, Peter Schmidt, Anna Önehag, Anders Eriksson.
    • Undergraduate summer interns: Leonardo Sattler, Joseph Cullen, Adam Ball.

Synergistic Activities

  • Conference organizer
    • Phase Transitions in Astrophysics, Nordita, 2017.
    • SOC of ExSoCal 2016.
    • Co-organizer of Pencil Code Meeting 2010, New York, NY, USA.
    • Organizer of Pencil Code Meeting 2009, Heidelberg, Germany.
    • Organizer of Workshop ``Turbulence-Assisted Planetary Growth'', 2009, Uppsala, Sweden.
    • Member of LOC of Nobel Symposium 135: Physics of Planetary Systems, 2007, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Outreach (see outreach section).
  • Computation: Co-developer (since 2005) of the Pencil Code, a high-order finite-difference parallel code for MHD turbulence.
  • Panels: Review panel member for NSF and NASA. External reviewer.
  • Journal reviewer: Referee for A&A, MNRAS, ApJ, PSS.

Computer experience

  • Operating system: GNU/Linux, Mac OS X
  • Programming proficiency
    • Fortran 90, IDL, HTML (fluent)
    • C, Awk, Linux/C-shell, IRAF, Python (good)
    • Java, Perl (beginner)

Language Proficiency

  • Portuguese (native)
  • English, Spanish (fluent)
  • Swedish, French (conversational)
  • German, Italian, Danish, Norwegian (reading)
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