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............... 30 first or second authored (17 first, 13 second; 9 of the latter student-led).
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Articles currently in review

  1. Pebble trapping in vortices formed by convective overstability: threedimensional simulations
    Raettig, N., Lyra,W., & Klahr, H. 2018, ApJ, submitted.

  2. Pebble trapping backreaction does not destroy vortices
    Lyra,W., Klahr, H., & Raettig, N. 2018, ApJ Research Notes, submitted.

  3. Implications of Tidally Driven Convection and Lithospheric Arguments on the Topography of Europa
    Sattler-Cassara, L. & Lyra, W. 2018, Icarus, submitted.

  4. Explaining transition disks with accretionally dead zones
    Sandor, Zs., Lyra, W., & Regaly, Zs. 2018, A&A, submitted.

  5. On stellar-mass black hole mergers in AGN disks detectable with LIGO
    McKernan, B., Ford, K. E. S., Bellovary, J., Leigh, N.W.C., Haiman, Z., Kocsis, B., Lyra, W., MacLow, M.-M., Metzger, B., O'Dowd, M., Endlich, S., Rosen, D.J. 2018, MNRAS, submitted.
    [arXiv] [ADS]

Articles in press

  1. The interplay between radiation pressure and the photoelectric instability in optically thin disks of gas and dust
    Richert, A., Lyra, W., & Kuchner, M. 2018, ApJ, accepted.
    [arXiv] [ADS]

Published refereed articles

  1. On the rate of black hole mergers in galactic nuclei and active galactic nucleus disks II. Dynamical hardening
    Leigh, N.W.C, Geller, A.M., McKernan, B., Ford, K.E.S., Bellovary, J., Endlich, S., Haiman, Z., Kocsis, B., Lyra, W., Mac Low, M.-M., Metzger, B., O'Dowd, M., Samsing, J., & Stone, N.C. 2018, MNRAS, 474, 5672.
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  2. Radiation hydrodynamical turbulence in protoplanetary disks: Numerical models and observational constraints
    Flock, M., Nelson, R., Turner, N., Bertrang, G., Carrasco-Gonzalez, C., Henning, Th., Lyra,W., & Teague, R. 2017, ApJ, 850, 131.
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  3. On shocks driven by high-mass planets in radiatively inefficient disks. III. Observational signatures in thermal emission and scattered light
    Hord, B., Lyra, W., Turner, N., Flock, M., & Mac Low, M.-M. 2017, ApJ, 849, 164.
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  4. Low mass planet migration in magnetically torqued dead zones I: Static migration torque
    McNally, C.P., Nelson, R. P., Paardekooper, S.-J., Gressel, O., & Lyra, W. 2017, MNRAS, 472, 1565.
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  5. Orbital advection with magnetohydrodynamics and vector potential
    Lyra, W., McNally, C.P., Heinemman, T., & Masset, F. 2017, AJ, 154, 146.
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  6. Grand challenges in protoplanetary disc modelling.
    T. J. Haworth, J. D. Ilee, D. H. Forgan, S. Facchini, D. J. Price; Community authors: D. M. Boneberg, R. A. Booth, C. J. Clarke, J.-F. Gonzalez, M. A. Hutchison, I. Kamp, G. Laibe, W. Lyra, F. Meru, S. Mohanty, O. Panic, K. Rice, T. Suzuki, R. Teague, C. Walsh, P. Woitke. 2016, PASA, accepted.
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  7. On shocks driven by high-mass planets in radiatively inefficient disks. II. Three-dimensional global disk simulations.
    Lyra, W., Richert, A.J.W., Boley, A., Turner, N., Mac Low, M.-M., Okuzumi, S., & Flock, M. 2016, ApJ, 817, 102.
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  8. Compact dust concentration in the MWC 758 protoplanetary disk
    Marino, S., Casassus, S., Perez, S., Lyra, W., Roman, P.E., Avenhaus, H., Wright, C.M., & Maddison, S.T. 2015, ApJ, 813, 76.
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  9. On shocks driven by high-mass planets in radiatively inefficient disks. I. Two-dimensional global disk simulations.
    Richert, A.J.W., Lyra, W., Boley, A.C., Mac Low, M.-M. & Turner, N. 2015, ApJ, 804, 95. [arXiv] [ADS]

  10. Particle trapping and streaming instability in vortices in protoplanetary disks.
    Raettig, N., Klahr H., & Lyra, W. 2015, ApJ, 804, 35.
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  11. CSI 2264: Characterizing Young Stars in NGC 2264 with Short-Duration, Periodic Flux Dips in their Light Curves
    Stauffer, J., Cody, A.-M., McGinnis, P., Rebull, L., Hillenbrand, L.A., Turner, N.J., Carpenter, J., Plavchan, P., Carey, S., Terebey, S., Calderon, M. M., Alencar, S.H.P, Bouvier, J., Venuti, L., Hartmann, L., Calvet, N., Micela, G., Flaccomio, E., Song, I., Gutermuth, R., Barrado, B., Vrba, F.J., Covey, K., Padgett, D., Herbst, W., Gillen, E., Lyra, W., Guimaraes, M. M., Bouy, H., & Favata, F. 2015, AJ, 149, 130.
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  12. Rossby wave instability does not require sharp resistivity gradients.
    Lyra, W., Turner, N.J., McNally, C.P. 2015, A&A, 574, A10.
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  13. Convective overstability in accretion disks: Three-dimensional linear analysis and nonlinear saturation.
    Lyra, W. 2014, ApJ, 789, 77.
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  14. Intermediate mass black holes in AGN disks II. Model predictions and observational constraints.
    McKernan, B., Ford, K.E.S., Kocsis, B., Lyra, W., Perets, H.B. & Winter, L.M. 2014, MNRAS, 441, 900.
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  15. Steady-state dust distributions in disk vortices: Observational predictions and applications to transitional disks.
    Lyra, W. & Lin, M.-K. 2013, ApJ, 775, 17.
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  16. Formation of sharp eccentric rings in debris disks with gas but without planets.
    Lyra, W. & Kuchner, M.J. 2013, Nature, 499, 184. [press release]
    [arXiv] [ADS]
    [doi:10.1038/nature12281]   (needs subscription)

    [full paper]

  17. A parameter study for baroclinic vortex amplification.
    Raettig, N., Lyra, W., & Klahr, H. 2013, ApJ, 765, 115.
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  18. Rossby wave instability at dead zone boundaries in 3D resistive magnetohydrodynamical global models of protoplanetary disks.
    Lyra, W. & Mac Low, M.-M. 2012, ApJ, 756, 62.
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  19. Intermediate mass black holes in AGN disks I. Production and growth.
    McKernan, B., Ford, K.E.S., Lyra, W., & Perets, H.B. 2012, MNRAS, 425, 460.
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  20. A well-posed Kelvin-Helmholtz instability test and comparison.
    McNally, C., Lyra, W., & Passy, J.-C. 2012, ApJS, 201, 18.
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  21. On the connection between the magneto-elliptic and magneto-rotational instabilities.
    Mizerski, K.A. & Lyra, W. 2012, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 698, 358.
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  22. Orbital migration of interacting low-mass planets in evolutionary radiative turbulent models.
    Horn, B. Lyra, W., Mac Low, M.-M., & Sándor, Zs. 2012, ApJ, 750, 34.
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  23. On rapid migration and accretion within disks around supermassive black holes.
    McKernan, B., Ford, K.E.S., Lyra, W., Perets, H.B., Winter, L.M., & Yaqoob, T. 2011, MNRAS, 417L, 103
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  24. Meridional circulation in turbulent protoplanetary disks.
    Fromang, S. Lyra, W., & Masset, F. 2011, A&A, 534, 107
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  25. Formation of planetary cores at Type I migration traps.
    Sándor, Zs., Lyra, W., & Dullemond, C. 2011, ApJ, 728L, 9
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  26. The baroclinic instability in the context of layered accretion. Self-sustained vortices and their magnetic stability in local compressible unstratified models of protoplanetary disks.
    Lyra, W. & Klahr, H. 2011, A&A, 527, 138
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  27. Orbital migration of low-mass planets in evolutionary radiative models: Avoiding catastrophic infall.
    Lyra, W., Paardekooper, S.-J., & Mac Low, M.-M. 2010, ApJ, 715, L68
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  28. Planet formation bursts at the borders of the dead zone in 2D numerical simulations of circumstellar disks.
    Lyra, W., Johansen, A., Zsom, A., Klahr, H. & Piskunov, N. 2009, A&A, 497, 869
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  29. Standing on the shoulders of giants: Trojan Earths and vortex trapping in low-mass selfgravitating protoplanetary disks of gas and solids.
    Lyra, W., Johansen, A., Klahr, H. & Piskunov, N. 2009, A&A, 493, 1125 [A&A cover]
    arXiv] [ADS]

  30. Turbulent stresses as a function of shear rate in a local disk model.
    Liljeström, A.J., Korpi, M.J., Käpylä, P.J., Brandenburg, A. & Lyra, W. 2009, AN, 330, 92
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  31. Embyros grown in the dead zone: Assembling the first protoplanetary cores in low-mass selfgravitating circumstellar disks of gas and solids.
    Lyra, W., Johansen, A., Klahr, H. & Piskunov, N. 2008, A&A, 491, L41 [A&A highlight]
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  32. The Alpha-Centauri binary system: Atmospheric parameters and element abundances.
    Porto de Mello, G.F., Lyra, W., & Keller, G.R.R. 2008, A&A, 488, 653
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  33. Global magnetohydrodynamical models of turbulence in protoplanetary disks: I. A cylindrical potential on a Cartesian grid and transport of solids.
    Lyra, W., Johansen, A., Klahr, H., & Piskunov, P. 2008, A&A, 479, 883
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  34. Spiral structure of the Third Galactic Quadrant and the solution to the Canis Majoris debate.
    Moitinho, A., Vázquez, R.A., Carraro, G., Baume, G., Giorgi, E.E., & Lyra, W. 2006, MNRAS, 368, 77.
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  35. A comparative study of disc-planet interaction.
    de Val-Borro, M., Edgar, R., Artymowicz, P., Ciecielag, P. Cresswell, P., D'Angelo, G., Delgado-Donate, E., Dirksen, G., Fromang, S., Gawryszczak, A., Klahr, H., Kley, W., Lyra, W., Masset, F., Mellema, G., Nelson, R., Paardekooper, S.-J., Peplinski, A., Pierens, A., Plewa, T., Rice, K., Schäfer, C., & Speith, R. 2006, MNRAS, 370, 529
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  36. On the difference between nuclear and contraction ages.
    Lyra, W., Moitinho, A., van der Bliek, N.S., & Alves, J. 2006, A&A, 453, 101
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  37. A link between stellar metallicity and the semi-major axis of extrasolar planets.
    Pinotti, R., Arany-Prado, L.I., Lyra, W., & Porto de Mello, G.F. 2005, MNRAS, 364, 29
    [arXiv] [ADS]

  38. Fine structure of the chromospheric activity in Solar-type stars: The H-alpha line.
    Lyra, W. & Porto de Mello, G.F. 2005, A&A, 431, 329
    [arXiv] [ADS]